The DeadBeats (Wax On Records)

Damian Stanley

Deciding one day to take a long needed long break from the music business and engineering in recording studios he decided to go travelling and working around the world.
After many years of being away its time to return to those dark smokey rooms and turn into music all those experiences and thought gained whilst travelling.

'the best bit about writing music is the process of getting there and not the end result - its almost a shame sometimes to finish a song'
having been in the studio on and off since the 90's he has engineered and produced for labels such as
Strictly Rythm, UMM, Warp, Junior Boys Own, Night Beat, Om Records etc.
Also involved in the past in many musical collaborations including
Overview (with DIY DJ Simon DK)

Mombassa & DEA (Simon Lovechild),
MAD & IPG (Martyn Watson)

and a couple of solo releases on Mushroom Jazz 4 under the names Wick Wack and Spacehopper which was also the name of my old Record Label.
Heres a list of more releases...........


Ged Day

Dj from the days of the garage in all it guises as well as a regular feature at the Bounce DIY nights all over the country then went on to DJ all over the world.
The original other half of the deadbeats as well as various other musical collaborations working on various remixes including the famous house classic Hot Head,
The Definitions of Bounce - DiY Discs and original lable manager of DIY's label strictly for groovers then moved on to Warp Records.

David Estella

Long time friend of The Deadbeats he met Ged & Damian in a recording studio in the 90's and have been close friends since.
Dave has been a member of a long list of bands and musical collaborations over the years including an album release on the DIY label,, he was very involved on the Made in the Shade album project and is now a regular Deadbeats member..

A very talented musical allrounder Dave plays guitar bass keyboards even harmonica and a few other secret studio toys too - 'I wish this guy had a midi port' says Damian..............

You may be familiar with the legendary late 90s stand out lounge tunes like „funky for you“, taken from the groundbreaking longplay album „lounging“ on 20/20 vision... making it onto heaps of compilations (among them buddha bar of course)... getting them remix work for the likes of richard dorfmeister’s TOSCA project on the „suzuki in dub“ album a.o.


After break of over a decade Damian Stanley and his cohorts have finally finished their upcoming album for WAX ON called „made in the shade“, to be released in august of 2009... and now, the first tracks from that very return album have leaked... and we are happy to announce the release dates of fresh dope beat material.


The soopaslammin’ „got what i want“ will crown the 2nd volume of NIGHTMARES ON WAX presents WAX ON records in april and will also be available as an A side on the accompanying label sampler 12“ vinyl.


The 1st digital EP release by THE DEADBEATS to trigger their „made in the shade“ album will be called „blow up the spot“, a funky 3tracker, about to drop in april too. and then some...

Formed in 1995 a couple of DJ's from the infamous "Garage" club in late 80's Nottingham UK in the days when Graeme Parke graced the decks later becoming members of The DIY Collective and eventually set up our own label Space Hopper to concentrate on our own sound.

Our first album was called 'Loungin' which was released through Ralph Lawson's label '20/20 Vision' and the single from it 'Funky for you' went on to be the most popular track from it and has appeared on quiet a few compilation albums.


We are currently promoting & gigging our new album which is released on Wax On Records (George from Nightmares On Wax's Label). Its a selection of tracks that we have been working on for some time with a few old friends including Stackman / Dj Emma (DIY) / Dave Estella (Bass Guitars and anything off the wall)