The Bobby Hughes Combination

After his debut success with "Fusa Riot" The Bobby Hughes Combination returns with their brand new album "Nhu Golden Era". Stereo Deluxe are very proud to present the most elaborate piece of work by the norwegian multitalent.

As we know from his predecessor, Bobby Hughes is a true nordic renaissance man. He not only can look back on to a career as a professional soccer player, sheppard & nordic funkateer, he is also able to hold a lengthy report on scandinavian design of the sixties or a top recipe for moose-filets. He's a real allrounder, & added to it all produces great music. However the only thing is: Bobby Hughes is an alter ego - of a man with no lesser talent, the DJ & producer Espen Horne.

But let's continue as if Bobby Hughes would actually be a living person. He's one to look up to - because of his unique talents & his musical skills, but also because he comes from the small town of Bergen & despite of this, is doing a damn good. You may know: Bergen is situated on the west coast of Norway, considered by some to be the end of the world, & thus not really a culturally inspiring place to be. But if you've been to Bergen before, when you've seen the Fjord, enjoyed the delicate fish or climbed one of the beautiful mountains, you may know why Bobby Hughes hasn't left….It's a very special place.

But let's look at Espen Horne, the man behind the alter ego of Bobby Hughes & find out more about the man & his music. 1993, after finisihing his studies in graphic design, he returned to his hometown Bergen. The coastal town didn't seem to offer much for the young, energetic post graduate.

Nevertheless, the young Espen started his own club night. Within a short space of time , he learned the multi-facetted skills of the emerging club culture & succeeded as DJ, club promoter & designer. His musical mix of jazz, funk, latin & hip hop beats was then unheard of & very exciting & pushed him first into the forefront of Bergen's then emerging music scene & then into cross nation fame. While djing, Espen first got into contact with live musicians and with these contacts began his musical career. Over the years Espen has perfected his skills to morph old & new records with the help of percussionists & other muscians into his very own individual sound. During these sessions between djing & jamming, the tracks for his debut album "Fusa Riot" developed, & with this the figure of Bobby Hughes. The rest of the story is well known.

And know it's time for "Nhu Golden Era". An album, that demonstrates that during his three year abscence, Espen Horne has matured musically. The arrangements are on point, the beats have a contemporary feel, the melodies have become more complex, & the characteristic melange of jazz funk,pop & easy listening that is played by The Bobby Hughes Combination is more defined.

Similar to his debut album, sampled sound fragments & the tracks from great scandinavian jazz records from the seventies have served as the basic layout material onto which guest musicians played their arrangements. For "Nhu Golden Era" Bobby Hughes collaborated with a well sounding list of guest musicians. It's almost a who's who of the contemporary norwegian jazz scene:
Erik Holm (drums - Beady Belle/Bugge Wesseltoft), Marius Reksjo (bass-Beady Belle/Bugge Wesseltoft), Jorgen Munkeby (flute/harp-shine/Jaga Jazzist), David Wallumrod (Fender Rhodes/Hammond), Per Willy Aaserud (trumpet - Silje Nergard) & Celio de Cahvallo (percussion – Jorge Ben/Black Rio). All under gudiance by Bobby Hughes.

With his last album, Bobby Hughes was considered a nordic retro funk phenomenon, including long sleeves, facial hair & jammed up arrangements, he's today the front man of a tight, masterful between styles switching, modern combination. The use of vocals include partly sampled, partly live sung on "Nhu Golden Era" resemble singers such as the Novy Singers, Ian Carr & Nucleus & Anita Kerr & not forgetting Karin Krug.

Enough talking now, let's enjoy the music. Stereo Deluxe is very proud to present: Mr.Bobby Hughes & his fabulous Combination.