Tape Five

The Story: Are you a Tango-dancing spy, that is searching suitcase No.347 with very suspicious contents in Nice, Havanna or Moscow in 1972 ?


Are you wearing your best white linen suite doing the cha-cha-cha in Rico..s Bar (re-incarnated back in time at the birth place of Calypso) or would you recognize the legendary ..rat pack.. in a 60..s Las Vegas nightclub creating that "swingfood mood"?


No, this is not a James Bond movie, not even a Humphrey Bogart classic in Casablanca, neither a cotton plantation in the Southern States in the..Summertime.., nor is it "Avenue du Gare" where you smoke your last cigar... Keep cool-it..s just the film in your head !
Enter the world of Tape Five.