Sven Van Hees (Your Lips)

Sven Van Hees, born in Antwerp Belgium, May 1968.


His influences include Gabor Szabo, Lonnie Liston Smith, Azymuth, Herbie Hancock, Mulate Astatke, Kleeer, Willie hutch...


Worked on local pirate radio at age 15 an made his mark by producing & mixing Belgium's first ever Radio-Dance show 'Liaisons dangereuses', together with host Paul Ward.


Started producing records in 1989 for several labels such as USA Import, Atom, Elektron & was one of the three founders of the label Wonka Beats where he recorded & produced the first seven releases. Got picked up by Belgian's R & S label in 1992, due to his release "Emotional Rehabilation.


Together with Dutch Dj Remy he kickstarted 'Global Cuts", a sublabel for R&S, for which he recorded until 1995 . 'Tabla Rasa, his final release on Global Cuts marked his switch from Tribal/techno music towards Jazzy Downtempo.


In 1999 he released “Gemini”, today considered one of the blueprints for the whole Lounge-revival. The release brought Van Hees in contact with Julee Cruise (Twin Peaks), & the San Francisco wing of Naked Music where he spent most of his time before releasing “Calypso” in 2002.


In 2005, Sven Van Hees created his own music label : Your LipsHe released "Synthesia”, incl. the single/video 'The sun goes down".


Vocals were performed by Dutch vocalist Lex Empress. Numerous tracks on the album featured members of his liveband : Peter Schneider (percussion), Steinhardt (guitars) , Johan Vandendriessche (Sax & Flute) & Paul Flush (Fender rhodes / hammond).


A rare live performance took place at the Blue Note Records Festival in Gent (Belgium) in 2006.

In 2007 Van Hees released “Exotica”, with the singles : 'Across the Delta' & "It's so real'.


Sven's label released tracks by Blu Mar Ten, Phluff, Dibby, remixes of Hideo Kobayashi & Hiroshi Watanabe amongst others.


In 2009 he will be releasing a new album, rumour is the single will be the first cut from Gemini II.