Mr. Edgy

Mr Edgy was born Nov. 15, he is originally from the suburbs of Paris.

In the 80s he developed a passion for music, he discovered jazz standards & soul with his father & the great Egyptian singers with his mother.


But listening to Prince that he tries to composition.


He grew up with 80s pop music by listening to Wham, Duran Duran or Sade, at 19 he start a degree in cinema school in want be in the movie business.


he directed several short films & songs he puts away. After high school & one year at the Gobelins he devoted himself to drawing.


In the early 90s he discovered Sugar Cube & especially Bjork, IT gets more serious about writing & composing, while continuing to do the drawing.


After a few trips across the world, he returned to Paris & get a job in an agency where he learn advertising.


The music remains pervasive.


He wants to concentrate solely on creative work, working with various advertising agencies, but the universe of Radiohead or Jeff Buckley always took him back to music, singing.


In 2004 he composed the song Opening it leaves out.


In 2007, the desire to make music is ever present at Mr. Edgy. It installs a small studio at home where he wrote, composed & performed all of his new album Now to nowhere.


The approach is still at that time merely personal. He found by chance the Opening song, decides to recorded again.


Opening is the opening song of Now to nowhere, a kind of introduction to the album, not intended to be a full song.


Mr Edgy share his compositions with a few friends who encouraged her to share them with greater nombre.


An old friend in particular led him to endanger himself & to engage effectively in the music. After a trip to Belgium, it gathers all the songs,start the arrangements of all the songs.


He produced the album, Everything Falls Into Place. The first song Drive Me Crazy is chosen with the label, it will introduce Mr. Edgy. While everything is finalized, the manager discovers the Opening clip that Mr. Edgy had realized using images from this trip to Belgium, it was intended to illustrate the website as a welcoming song.


It is decided then to become the first single Opening was aired in august on french television & become the most played son of he 2008 summer.


After the seconde single P.H.T, Mr Edgy decide to leave his record compagny & try to do music more freely & in a diffrent way, he work on a EP & one years later the song And On was out.


Creative, Mr Edgy touches many fields: painting, graphics or design.


The music of Mr. Edgy feeds worlds of pop & electronica; nostalgic, with a certain melancholy, themes of love & human relations are predominant. It superimposes the sound & plays with different influences.