Moodorama allowed themselves more than 2 years to bring their new work "Mystery in A Cup of Tea" to perfection. The Regensburg natives thereby developed a state of the art fusion of electronic music and natural instruments, a challenging sound collage, only rivaled by their own high levels of performance. The result is an absolute treat of timeless and varied music. This was time well taken: the result is an exciting journey through the magic land of electronic music...

To catch the emotions- the "moods"- is a cornerstone in the development of moodoramas new album. While tracks like "Never Mind" give in to a subtle melancholy, "Lovechild" reminds us of the summer of its' creation offering the upbeat mood of garden and sun. "A Present to Mr. Ma" is a hommage to world-famous cello player Mr. Yo-Yo MA, whose almost "singing" cello tunes have been a great influence on the "mood" of moodorama. "Like it or not" is an experimental piece, close to classic jazz music, and inspired by the clicking of the old clock's pendulum in grandma's kitchen. No song is like the other one, like no feeling resembles another.

"Listen", the precursor to the current album is a soft homogenous cosmos of downbeat. In the new album however the team around Martin Sennebogen sports a new more diversified collection of songs.
"Mystery in a cup of tea" is an unusual discussion between material and music, more sharp- edged than the earlier album but nevertheless a suitable companion for all walks of life. Despite this versatility the album nevertheless pursues the characteristic style of moodorama. This very style however, refuses categorization. The "Mystery" of moodorama is, how they managed to come up with the secret thread, binding the various pieces together.

Martin Sennebogen has been creating electronic music for years. Once inspired by Kraftwerk and early HipHop formations he created the formation Moodorama in 1999, now ranking among the top representatives of the German NuJazz and Lounge publication of already 3 successful albums "Basement Music" (1998), "Music for Collapsing People" (2000) and "Listen" (2003), Martin Sennebogen, Marco Koestler, Bernhard Frank & Kerstin Huber are meanwhile represented in over 120 compilations. Among them are Café del Mar, Ambient Lounge, Hugo Boss Complete Cool and sound For The Magic Island Ibiza, the stereo Deluxe Compilations Slow mo, Bassic Instinct and the successful Audiopharm Compilations Brazilectro and Asia Lounge.

Beside the current audio CD there will also be a DVD in Dolby digital 5,1 mixture (Dolby Surround) featuring Visuals of international video artists from various countries like Austria, Croatia, France, Spain, Russia, and USA. The pre-release Vinyl Maxi "Furious Floods" with Tracks of the coming album as well as two remixes of Beanfield (Compost Rec./Munich) and Atjazz (Mantis Rec./UK), quickly moved up and stayed in the top five of the German club Charts.

Contrary to other artists, who produce pure studio albums, moodorama stands out as a highly apreciated live-act. Moodorama live acts were a huge success at events like the "Marlboro motel club" tour in Berlin/Hamburg/Munich, at the Indigo Music Hall in Istanbul, at the festival "Jazz of over Villach", in the King Kamehameha club Frankfurt, or at the Liz Claiborn fashion event in Amsterdam.

At the same time the moodorama DJ crew, consisting of Martin Sennebogen & Mario Malzer tours the "hot spot" european clubs and serves masterful club sound. Past gigs happened at places like WMF/Café Moskau (Berlin), Unique (Düsseldorf), Into somethin’/Die Registratur (Munich/Compost Rec.), Roxy/Indigo Music Hall (Istanbul), Lasal (Barcelona), Q-Bar (Bangkok), the Ministry of Sound Compilation DJ-Tour „brazilution 5.2“ or the „Marlboro Motel Club“-Tour. For the Ministry of Sound „brazilution DJ-nights 5.3“ they were booked together with Compiler Ian Pooley. Further Gigs for fashion labels like Strenesse, Marc O’Polo, Body Look, Liz Claiborne or Esprit acknowledge their deeper sense of music selection for their showcase.

On top of that, the moodorama crew works on productions of sound and visual effects for meetings like the Leipziger fashion fair 2004, Surround Trailer for all Imax cinemas in Austria, the sound track for BMW 1 series presentation 2004, the Cinemaxx trailer "Lass Dir Zeit", and a Comdirectbank TV Spot. Other projects include Tricatel Inc., with its' first spin off "no samba mi criei" being featured exclusively on the label compilation "Brazilectro". Due to large demand especially from France & USA a Vinyl single of "no samba mi criei" was issued.


moodorama certainly belongs to the most interesting representatives of the dazzlin' spectrum "Electronica" in the republic. ("Jazzthing" Magazine)
On their previous albums "Basement Music" (1998) and "Music For Collapsing People" (2000), "Listen" (2003) and "Mystery in a cup of tea" (2005) they represented themselves as masters of the combination of different styles and as experts of musical trends.

Moodorama therefore has done diverse remixjobs for Czech, Marschmellows, Justin, Jimmy Cliff, Tower of Power or the French Télépopmusic.
Founded 1998, their first TripHop/Downbeat Album "Basement Music" was released and recieved rave reviews from Labels like Compost Rec. or Stereo Deluxe Rec. For the highly acclaimed follow-up album "Music for collapsing people" with bangin' tracks like "Sinzing Sunset Boulevard" (best 12inch sales figures for Stereo Deluxe rec. ever) or "Viama" (also 12inch release), moodorama teamed up with the famous Label Stereo Deluxe rec.

In 2002, Audiopharm/SPV contacted the moodorama-crew. Both parties decided to work together and consequently two albums were dropped out: "Listen", a smart & homogenous concept album, and "Mystery in a cup of tea", an unusual discussion between material and music, more sharp-edged than the earlier album but nevertheless a suitable companion for all walks of life. Despite this versatility the album nevertheless pursues the characteristic style of moodorama. In addition to that, countless Licensing agreements for well-known Compilations like - Café del mar, brazilectro, Hugo Boss Complete Cool, Supperclub, The Karma Collection, Chillen & Grillen, The white room or the Erotic Lounge - were chosen.
On top of that, moodorama works on productions of sound and visual effects for meetings like the Leipziger fashion fair 2004, the Cinemaxx trailer "Lass Dir Zeit" (more than 1 million hits nationally up to now), Surround Trailer for the Imax cinemas in Austria, the soundtrack for BMW 1-series presentation 2004 and a Comdirectbank TV Spot. Other Side-projects include Tricatel Inc. with its' first spin off "No samba me criei" being featured exclusively on the label compilation "brazilectro". Due to large demand especially from France and USA a 12inch single of "No samba me criei" was issued.
The Moodorama DJ-Team are high in demand & travel the world with unique Djsets.They acknowledge their keen sense of choice regarding state of the art tracks or timeless grooves for their Vinyl Case across different types or styles of music. Besides the DJ-Formation works for fashion Labels like "Strenesse", "Marco O' Polo", "Body Look" or "Esprit".
Moodorama also stands out as a highly apreciated LiveAct, who is touring Worldwide. Their impressive combination of Sound and Visuals is unexceptional considered to be a hugh experience.

moodorama finished their work for their new album "My name is Madness".Release Date was 2006-09-29
The Label just dropped the "Mind Traffic" EP with two Albumtracks and a moodorama Remix of "Ir fácil"

PI "My name is Madness" (mole 072-2):

Here they are again: the successful producer-musician team around Bavarian Martin Sennebogen is back on the scene with their fifth longplayer. The sound: decidedly carefree and easy-going and possibly a little mad. With a musical anything goes, laissez-fair attitude that suits them perfectly, the balanced grooves of "My Name Is Madness" have that fresh and open-mindedness that should make this album another firm favourite of the music press which not only celebrated the last longplayer, "My Name is Madness" but also the three earlier works, calling Moodorama as "being one of the most interesting groups that make up the vibrant electronica scene" (Jazzthing). No second was wasted to rest on these laurels as 14 new, fascinating tracks were magically put together in intensive studio sessions.

Again, Moodorama do what they do best and create some unclassifyable songs which enchant with versatility and a dazzling scope. With a lot of sensitivity, moods are captured and reflected in a harmonic search for the perfect sound that suits the perfect setting. True mood music the characteristic that makes up the unique sound of Moodorama since their release of "Basement Music".
"My Name Is Madness".

The title, an amusing yet poignant name for an album that, with its beautiful songs sitting comfortably in between a nice arrangement of lounge, pop, electro, bossa, chillout and house, never actually sounds as mad as one would expect. But nevertheless: the joy to try out crazy ideas, the glee trying new techniques and the happiness when combining elements is shining through subliminally, making this a glistening listening experience. Creating that very ambience of relaxed moods that Moodorama are renouned for and which the listener can unbiassedly surrender to, everything is possible and possibly a little mad.

Be it the crunching shuffle beats and sailor's choirs like diplayed in "Space Cowboy", the loungy sophistication of a brass band right on the shores of "Summers Ocean" or the deep and sad vocals of "Even In Dreams" there are neither limitations nor one simple stand point which makes this album so exiting. From "Novastar" to "Hot Lemonade", the journey takes the listener from one end to the universe to the other, one minute drifting through time & space on sweet cocktail grooves, and the next already light years away, right on the dancefloor driving tracks like "The Journey". Twists and turns included, the moments of surprise are wanted but never forced.
Again working with many acclaimed musicians and singers, managed to win praised singer and songwriter Strangejah Cole to lend his dignified vocals for the track "Even In Dreams" who, in 1962, gave freed republic Jamaica the first Ska and Reggae songs ever. Further highlights: the vocals of King Banana frontman U-Cee and Cosmophon singer Michael Frank.
All in all a very easy-to-digest, light-hearted and accomplished album with all that surprises and widens the horizon of the listener in a very pleasing way, a real enrichment for the label Mole Listening Pearls.