Milo Johnson

(DJ Nature, Nature Boy, DJ Mil'o, Milo)

Milo Johnson began dj'ing in Bristol , UK around the late 70's early 80's with "Nellee" Hooper (Massive Attack, Madonna…) & Grant "Daddy G" Marshall. The 3 spun a eclectic mix of music from Funk, Reggae, Punk, Jazz/Fusion, Disco, New Wave & later early Hip Hop.


The popularity of the crew soon blossomed & were given the nickname The Wild Bunch (Legendary Bristol Sound-System Collective), more for their "different" dress sense than for their musical selection. He band soon began to organize then first wharehouse party's in the area & played the St.Paul’s Carnival with mammoth sets from 10am - 6am the next day.


It was only a matter of time before Milo & the crew were offered a regular nightclub spot which came from The Dug Out base became their base in the future.From here Milo would form a friendship with music legend Mark Stewart, who would go on to connect the crew with Neneh Cherry Of Rip, Rig & Panic amongst others.


Mark & Neneh would become a large part of the success of the crew in the following years . Mark would get us battles against London crew's The Language Lab & the mighty Newtrament from Ladbrooke Grove.


Neneh would connect Milo with the Japanese scene through the Buffalo crew from London, which took Milo their to perform as a DJ primarily.


Rewind to New York City in 1991 & a recently relocated Milo Johnson (former member of The Wild Bunch) is putting the finishing touches to his new DJ Nature “Ruff Disco” Project, with Vol 1 & 2 later being released on his own Dubweizer Records.


These underground tracks gain the attention of Tomato Records in the UK who license & release Nature's “Necessary Ruffness” EP, & Black Label / Elegal Records in NYC who go on to put out the Natureboy album.


In 1993 Nature gets a call from Carl Craig & he is asked to remix Naomi Daniel’s “Feel The Fire”, which goes on to be released on the Planet E sub-label I Ner Zon Sounds.


Soon after this release Milo decides to put the DJ Nature production project to one side as other music areas are catching his ear, but before he does this he carefully stores away the substantial catalogue of DJ Nature tracks that have been built up.

Fast forward to 2009 & DJ Nature is back with a new collection of future facing tracks set for release. First up will be "Ruff Disco" Vol 3 EP updated for 2010 which will be out on the amazing Golf Channel imprint from NYC that debuted with the massive Mark E edit of Janet Jackson’s R&B Drunkie in 2007.


Soon after will come the "Necessary Ruffness" EP on the Jazzy Sport label in Japan (Jan. 2010) & went on to collaborate with the Major Force label (Japan).

So why has DJ Nature brought Ruff Disco Project back to life?

Well, let’s let him answer that… “I’d always wanted to do the Ruff Disco series as it was well respected in NY at the time it came out even though very, very rough in production quality.


I was really getting into the mix CD thing & was quite happy just doing that, but the more I dabbled in that, the more I got inclined to make a concerted effort to do so.


The funny thing was, that when I started shopping for tunes again I found untold new stuff that basically sounded just like the stuff I did back then.


I was also very motivated by music not related to Disco or House or Dance at all in terms of what textures I could use in addition to the ‘ruffness’ of the rugged Disco Groove”.


Whether we’re hearing about DJ Nature old or new we’re without question going to be hearing a lot about him in the new decade as he plans to add another texture to the vast musical horizon that is House.