Chris Joss


(ESL Music)

Hi there! I'm Chris Joss, almost my real name, I'm a French "multi-instrumentalist and autonomous studio producer"(I didn't come up with that but that sums it up). As a listener I love drums & they're the heart of my music. I had organ lessons in my teens which gave me the basics to learn other instruments. Jamming was my school, I've played loud, loud headphones, long hours, now I'm suffering from tinnitus & hyperacousia, reasonably loud sounds hurt, unreasonably loud sounds are ringing for months, now I play quiet and can't play live anymore for these reasons. I have a passion for recording and sound production.

After 3 brief but revealing experiences with major labels through the band I was fronting, I left France for London in 91 with a band that imploded within weeks. Jumped from bands to bands on bass or guitar, sound engineered a bit while making solo tracks of various styles on my Atari+sampler+16track setup.

95-96 taped a few tracks more or less influenced by 60's & 70's soundtrack music gathered on The Man With a Suitcase. Presented as an imaginary 60's TV series soundtrack I sent it to a round of UK labels without success. I moved to La Rochelle France in 98 in need of sun. I met the Cristal team who connected me with indie Pulp Flavor which released the LP in 1999 minus 2 tracks found on the Bombay By Bus EP.

99-01 recorded Dr Rhythm 15 tracks of funky electronica released in 02 by Irma. In 2000 I moved into a place where I could play drums again but most of the tracks have programmed drums giving a more breakbeat sound than my subsequent records. The total absence of promo and payment from this dreadful label made this release a painful experience.

2002-2003 bought an 8 input soundcard and recorded You've Been Spiked, 60's & 70's influenced pop & funk mixed with obscure samples backgrounds and computer trickery. After a release in France ESL Music re-released the album late 04. Remixes by Ursula 1000, Fort Knox Five & Kraak & Smaak followed in 05 & 06.

2004 I spent 4 months making the Discotheque Dancing video and was approached to rework the "Deep throat" soundtrack for the movie Inside Deep Throat (soundtrack on Koch in 05)

2005-2007 remixed Jody Watley, Pirates of the Caribbean, Joe Bataan, Woody Hermann, Bebo Valdes, Thunderball, Frank Sinatra, Yerba Buena, Praful, Fisherspooner.

Dec2005 I smashed the 3 bones of my right elbow, I'm now limited in my movements but still can play. Between hospital stays in Jan/Feb 06 I was asked to record a version of John Williams' Superman for a movie trailer of Superman and had to record the drums in many short sections. ESL released it on an EP in Aug 07 alongside remixes by Basement Freaks & Plastilina Mosh.

2004-2007 recorded the 13 tracks that make Teraphonic Overdubs, experimenting to make the modern aspect of my music more obvious while keeping the acoustic drums-bass-guitar-keyboards setup. Most of these experiments didn't convince me and I kept on changing the tracks to keep them fresh for me to work on as my elbow accident had delayed the progress on them. Returning to hospital in dec06/jan07 disabled me again for months and the many projects I engaged in during these 4 years (remixes, production, VJing, DJing, videos) often made me feel I could never finish this album. The freshly bought sitar, flute and double bass made their first appearance. Released on ESL in Feb08 with remixes of I Want Freedom by Smokey Bandits, Atfunk and Myagi came out in Aug08.

Nov2006-may2008 recorded Sticks. Compared to the 4 years it took to make Teraphonic, Sticks was a pleasure ride. Inspired by the new instruments I turned down remixes and side projects to stay focused. I recorded the basic tracks while still working on Teraphonic, the sitar is giving a more contemplative vibe than my previous releases. Alexander von Mehren from Norway contributed with a lovely vibraphone solo on "Tea Age Sea" and I used a saxophone sample from Praful on "Melisma Mercury". Sticks came out in March 09 on ESL Music.

Sept2008-Feb2009 recorded 6th LP : Chris Joss Presents Monomaniacs vol1. 12 tracks of angry hammond funk with a nasty vintage sound. Alex von Mehren is playing vibraphone on the last track again.
Coming out on ESL Music in January 2010.