DE PHAZZ : " Lala 2.0 "

(Phazz-A-Delic, New Format Recordings)

OUT : 04 / 21 / 2010 !

Being Pit Baumgartner. What's going on, in the head of Pit Baumgartner, being as well producer as “head of DEPHAZZ”?      To be GaGa, or DaDa, or not, that is the question. But leaving lyric and being back on the track:


DE PHAZZ aka “theGgodFathers Of Lounge” are not only the ones to almost single handedly defining that genre named “lounge” - on aside, their albums & styles have been illegaly copied in large amounts... and then were sold like sliced bread in both Asia and the States . And so it comes as no surprise that, meanwhile, DE PHAZZ count amongst Germany’s most successful acts on a global scale.


But let’s take another look inside Pit Baumgartner’s head... and check out all those ideas, crazy thoughts and colourful sounds existing in there.


“LaLa 2.0” is the 8th DE PHAZZ album to date, showcasing a vast amount of international vocalists stemming from the ever expanding musical universe of one of the best selling lounge outfits out there. Of course there’s Pat Appleton (GER) and Karl Frierson (USA), alongside Barbara Lahr (GER), Marnie Mans (CAN), Angel Jones (USA), Sandie Wollasch (GER), and Charity Sanders (USA) – and they all contribute to a data carrier way beyond the ordinary...


“It’s just a file, that’s what it is.”


Is it? Now that’s truly a self ironic statement about a song as a cold, nameless file: mp3 data, that is. As opposed to (or even highlighted by) soulful juggling of words... contemporary trains of thoughts in a way. Here’s another excerpt (for the headstrong):


„I know you from Baywatch, don’ explain it away bitch.“

What? Lyrical alphabet soup ranging from “deep” to “cheeky” and back. There’s lament (“Duck & Cover”) as well as wrinkles caused by laughing (“Slums Of Monte Carlo”). Social statements (“Fear is my business”) followed by conciliating vibes (”Back from where I started”). All framed by those unique, electro-organic soundscapes created by DE PHAZZ head honcho Pit Baumgartner.


"Jazz is the move“? “No Lie”!


“Lala 2.0” is wood from the roots, shaped on the scanner. Well computed terrestial heat. it’s “soul” ripped to pieces, then put together again in a different way... contemporary organic digitalism. Word up!


And so, nothing stays the same. DE PHAZZ “play” music... music version 2.0. It’s all uppercuts on here, so go & get your Lala update while supplies last.


As a special feature the album is packaged with a blanked out slipcase and 7 interchangeable cover cards - so each fan can create it's own album cover design. Here some impressions...