ACUSMATIC GROUP : " Pilot Remixes 2010 "

(Irma Casadiprimordine)


OUT JUNE 2010 !




 1 FISH FOOD (Riccicomoto’s Barracuda Rmx)


2 S’APERCEVOIR (DJ Pandai Rmx)




4 SUPABLAX (Antelope Cobbler Rmx)


5 REGOLAMENTO DI CONTI (Dave Masoch & His Rhythm Set Rmx)


 6 INST4ACTION (Riccicomoto Bophal Dub)


 7 SECRET LOVERS (Suonho Motion Capture Rmx)

8 S’APERCEVOIR (John Type Rmx)


Credits: All tracks are written by Romeo Sandri & Michele Berselli  (published by Music Market)


ACUSMATIC GROUP is an instrumental cinematic-jazz-funk studio project, founded by 2 musicians/producers (Romeo Sandri & Michele Berselli) based in the North-West of Italy.


ACUSMATIC GROUP are inspired by spy movies atmospheres, blaxploitation & 70’s Italian cop movies.


They combine the magic of ‘crime jazz’ & funk from those days, giving it a fresh treatment with today’s hip hop grooves.

‘Pilot’ is their debut album, released on La Douce (Irma Records).


This new remixes package include remixed by Riccicomoto, DJ Pandai, Suonho, Dave Masoch, John Type & Acusmatic Group themeselves with their solo projects: Jazzy Gentle & Antelope Cobbler.