CORTEX (Alain Mion)


Showman, formidable pianist, scat singer, composer, bandleader & arranger, Alain Mion, born 1947 in Casablanca, is certainly one of a kind in the “jazz funk & soul” style.


Also well known today by the “funk addicts” all around the world, during the 70’s he has given its letters of nobility to the jazz-funk “à la Française” with his legendary band Cortex (sampled & compiled today by Rap & DJ’stars as Madlib, MF Doom, Rick Ross & Triple C in the USA, Wise, Prisma in Japan, DJ Cam, Bob Sinclar in France & many many more !


The very catchy & eclectic Alain Mion's style is now an international reference & the Cortex' jazz & funk stuff is often compared with Chick Corea's Return To Forever, Herbie Hancock's Headhunters, Crusaders or George Duke.


The new band ''Alain Mion & Cortex'', including famous European jazzmen was successful at the New Morning in Paris in March 2009, with his first concert "sold out".


A recent Parisian’s concert of the band has been filmed by European Classic & Jazz TV MEZZO & is programmed now several times.


A title by Alain Mion Trio is heard on the film “Birth of cool” on ARTE TV.


Alain's discography includes more than 30 records & compilations internationally distributed on French, Japanese, English & US labels.


Fine melodist, radio hits composer (Pheno-Men, Devil’s Dance, The Tap Tap), gifted with a virtuoso pianist technique and a rare infectious energy, Alain Mion (today 62 years old) has performed on many radio & TV shows as well as at international festivals &prestigious venues, performing or recording from USA to China, from Sweden to Morocco, Poland, Belgium, Switzerland, France…



 Alain performed at the Blue Note & at various festivals gigging with Hank Mobley or Philly Joe Jones.



He was at the cutting edge of French jazz rock as co-leader with his mythical highly regarded band, CORTEX.



Alain Mion recorded the LP : "Pheno-Men". The tune Pheno-Men has been a hit.



Found him in NEW YORK recording "Alain Mion in New York", with Marc Johnson ,

Tom Rainey & David Binney.



Alain Mion performed at the Friburg International Festival with his new churchy Style Trio, sharing the bill with Mike Stern, Ahmad Jamal & Gilbert Bécaud.



He recorded in Stockholm the album: "Some Soul Food", with drummer Ronnie

Gardiner & bassist Patrik Boman (ex "Lisa Ekdhal band"). Album acclaimed by the



The Alain Mion Trio performed at the 1st Casablanca International Jazz Festival.

Tour of China (Beijing, Dalian & Shenyang).



The Alain Mion Trio was the leading act at the International Festival "Jazz wLesie" (also featuring Bennie Maupin), performed at the Gdynia Summer Jazz Days (amongst other artists, such as: Dave Holland, Bill Frisell, Uri Caine) & on the Polish National Radio in Warsaw, before touring in France.


Successful re-issues of "Cortex recordings" in Japan & Europe.



Concerts & recordings solo & release of one track by Alainon DIW

Records (Japan). 



Release of the album «INEDIT ’79», by Cortex (CD & LP “Japanese Edition”).


Release of the CD “Alain Mion Trio, live on tour in Europe”.


Release of the compilation “Timeless, Park Hyatt Paris Vendome” which includes “The Tap Tap” by Alain’s Trio.


Re-issue of the CD “Some Soul Food” (Ward Records, Japan).

Alain re-forms his “Churchy Trio” with the very well known Swedish bassist Patrik Boman & German drummer Michael Kersting.



 Alain presents his new band: Alain Mion FunKey Combo” during 10 concerts at the famous Jazz Club Lionel Hampton of the Meridien Etoile in Paris.(In this new band, the trio is from now on accompanied by a sax section: alto, tenor & baryton. Arrangements by Alain).


2nde re-issue of the cult album Troupeau Bleu by Cortex



 Alain re-forms his mythic band CORTEX which performs at the NEW MORNING in Paris. This first concert has been a large success (sold out).

The band is filmed in concert for European TV MEZZO



issue of a single « Unreleased Versions » by Cortex, recorded at Switzerland Television (TSR) in 1978, numerous of the band concert’s film on Mezzo TV, reissue of the 3rd original album by Cortex (1978 LP & CD) by Trad Vibe Records


A title by Alain Mion Trio is heard on the film “Birth of Cool” on Arte TV.


New concert at New Morning in Paris in October, 15.

March 2010:

New single “Unreleased Versions” by Cortex featuring Alain Mion


June/September 2010:

First LP & CD reissues of the original album “Pourquoi”, by Cortex featuring Alain Mion.


October 2010:

DVD “alive & well on stage!” by Alain Mion & Cortex.