From the start Phonic Funk was inspired by the Funk. The Motown sound from mom & dad’s music collection appeared to be determining for Phonic Funk’s musical preferences. While collecting music his preferences got more specific & around his 14th Phonic Funk started his own small drive-inn show. Friends, family & strangers could now meet the driven artist.


After the period of ‘DAP’ turntables & Discmans the time was born to handle things more serious. Two Pioneer CD-players were bought so that it became possible to test own material. After the generally known ‘Bedroom period’ the most satisfying mixes were spread to get clubs & organizers interested.


The Phonic Funk debut followed quickly at an illegal party organized by a friends organization. Step by step the Phonic Funk career & style evolved. Automatically the decision followed to give full dedication to house music.


In the meanwhile Phonic Funk had the honor to perform with the likes of John Acquaviva, Roog, Laidback Luke & Fedde Le Grand. This at recognized venues such as De Winkel van Sinkel & ‘De Lichtfabriek.

To develop himself Phonic Funk has also devoted himself to the producing side of Music.


Relatively quick this resulted in winning The Netherlands’ largest producer contest ‘Vinylized’. Phonic Funk can already be found in track lists from producers like Laidback Luke, Hardsoul & Jon Julius Knight to name a few.. Today Phonic Funk represents a warm sound filled with soul.


Armed with CD players and a bag of enthusiasm Phonic Funk turns every dance floor into a sunny destination!




The Funk Souldiers : Chicago (Phonic Funk Remix) (Barcoda Recordings)


Justin Michael & Musol ft Kaylee : Mistify Me (Phonic Funk Remix) (Hermosa records)


Marcella : Believe (Phonic Funk Remix) (Chega Records)


Phonic Funk ft Chappell : That Thing EP (inc remixes) (Masal Records)


Filin Brake, Greg Dorban, Eman : Change The World (Phonic Funk Remix) (Reelgroove)

Hypnosis EP (Seamless Recordings (Bargrooves/Defected)


Hypnosis Seamless Recordings (Bargrooves/Defected)


A Feeling Seamless Recordings (Bargrooves/Defected)


Phonic Funk ft Tieka – Remember When (Bargrooves/Defected)


Phonic Funk ft Max’C : Dont Stop (MN2S Recordings)


Phonic Funk ft Max’C : Dont Stop (instrumental) (MN2S Recordings)


Phonic Funk ft Max’C : Dont Stop (dub mix) (MN2S Recordings)


Lucien Foort : Shake Your Rump (Phonic Funk Remix) (Sneakerz Muzik)


San Tomasso : Chasing Memories (Phonic Funk Remix) (Colorswork Recordings)


No_ID & Sebastian Sleebos : Wurld (Phonic Funk Remix) (Cloud 9 Dance)


Phonic Funk : Why (Salted Music)


Phonic Funk : Feel The Soul (Salted Music)


Phonic Funk : The Rhythm (Salted Music)


Phonic Funk : I Like It (Salted Music)


Phonic Funk & Justin Michael ft Maya : Destination (Seamless Recordings)


Arjuna Schiks : Afterbelle (Phonic Funk Remix) (All Is One Recordings)