Miguel Migs stands at the forefront of electronic music's soulful realm. Whether tackling his original productions or remixes, he achieves an organic-soulful sound by combining the best of both the electronic music world and live instrumentation.


For many years, Miguel's productions have been included on countless compilations & his records have slid into the crates of top DJs across the globe. His music has also landed on numerous TV Shows, including Six Feet Under, Sex in the City, & MTV's Road Rules & Real World.


Contrary to many of his club-centric DJ/producer peers, Miguel is not always concerned with the potential dance floor appeal of his soulful tracks. "It's music you can enjoy & listen to at home, in the club, or anywhere. Not necessarily just to rock the dance floor."


explains the Northern California native, who grew up with a true love of reggae, soul, classic rock, jazz, hip-hop and just about everything else.


His impressive discography includes more than 100 original productions & remixes on seminal independent labels such as Salted Music, Naked Music, Astrelwerks, Yoshitoshi, NRK, Black Vinyl, Large, Chez, Transport Recordings, Om Records, Defected Records & many others. His recordings have consistently made waves in the underground circuit & have landed on DJ hype charts internationally.


He goes highly regarded when it comes to remixes, having worked with major label artists such as Macy Gray, Lionel Ritchie & Britney Spears. Miguel additionally has released numerous mix CD compilations on labels including Defected, Naked Music, Southport Weekender & NRK.


Never one to sit still, Migs started his own label Salted Music in 2004. Having been associated with an extensive number of labels throughout his career, he came to realize a desire to have his own base, a vehicle for building his own catalogue of quality material. Salted Music is a foundation for Migs to choose & release music that inspires him, as well as release his own productions & compilations.


A musician at heart, Miguel's professional career started at age 18 as songwriter & lead guitarist for Santa Cruz local dub band Zion Sounds, whose Jamaican & African rhythms earned them gigs with globally known reggae outfits Culture & Burning Spear among others. After the disbanding of Zion Sounds in the mid 1990's, rather than form a new band, Miguel put his focus & creative energy into experimenting with the production of electronic music.


As a producer, Miguel realizes a strong connection between his electronic music productions & live musical background. He writes his own lyrics & plays his own instruments, be it guitar, bass, percussion or keyboard.


As a DJ, Miguel maintains the same approach to his sets as to his productions, combining a variety of influences & styles fused together. The result is funky, deep, soulful, bumping house music. "I like to mix it up and keep it moving smoothly, taking the dance floor through a very spontaneous mix into the realms of quality, deep house music depending on the mood in the room", says Migs. "But, whether it's vocal, tracky, dubby, moody, percussive or broken beat, the sound always remains soulful & funky.


March 2007 saw the release of “Those Things”, Miguel's sophomore album released on his very own Salted Music imprint. "Those Things represents an open-minded musical spectrum that can have

multi-meaning & definition combining forward thinking electronic music elements with live instrumentation inspired by old soul, funk, reggae, jazz, rock & hip-hop,” states San Francisco-based Migs about his follow-up to his 2002 debut album “Colorful You” (Astralwerks / Naked Music).


The album received massive acclaim & support worldwide & features Sadat X from Brand Nubian, Lisa Shaw, LT, Fred Ross from the legendary Family Stone, reggae heavy weight Junior Reid, & Tim Fuller.


2007 also saw Miguel launch his eight piece live band Petalpusher which fuses electronic inspirations with organic musical elements. The band consists of eight top notch musicians, who have worked with the likes of Prince, Spearhead, & Tower Of Power. Lisa Shaw & Tim Fuller are on lead vocals. It is a unique & diverse blend of old school funk, soul & current dance rhythms that result into a unique & intoxicating live experience. With an arsenal of material to choose from, the band has been focusing on performing new & old songs from Miguel & Lisa’s extensive catalogue. The band played the Virgin Festival in Baltimore in 2007, the San Jose Jazz Festival as well as all the major cities in North America with resounding success. A work still in progress, with much more in store … so look out.


Miguel can be found regularly traveling the globe as one of the industries top-leading DJs, as well as at home in the studio writing & creating music, which is his main love & passion. "It's all about the balance between the touring & traveling, studio work & everything else in life." Miguel says, " Music has no boundaries & I get inspired by everything around me." Migs certainly draws no limits to his artistry.




Colorful You                      Astralwerks                  2002

Colorful You                      Naked Music                2002

Those Things                    Salted Music                 2007

Those Things (Remixed)    Salted Music                 2008



The Mercury Lounge EP La Casa Records                      1998

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The Roundtrip EP                      Transport Recordings    1999


True Formula                             Large Records              1999 


Very Chic E.P.                           Aquarius Recordings     1999


Find What’s Mine                      Yoshitoshi Recordings   2000


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Take Me To Paradise                Naked Music                2000


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Diversify EP                             NRK Sound Division      2003


Moving On                               Chez Music                   2003


Music 4 Your Mind                    Large Records              2003 


The Night (Remixes)                  Naked Music                2003 


City Sounds 1 Sydney              NRK Sound Division      2004


City Sounds 2 Vancouver          NRK Sound Division      2004


City Sounds 3 Barcelona           NRK Sound Division      2004


Come On                                 OM Records                 2004


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Get Salted Vol.1                       Salted Music                 2006


Those Things EP                      Salted Music                 2007


Let Me Be                               Salted Music                 2007


Mesmerized (Part 1)                 NRK Sound Division       2007


Mesmerized (Part 2)                 NRK Sound Division       2007


So Far                                    Salted Music                  2007



The Petalpusher Session             Naked Music                         1999


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Get Salted Vol. 1                             Om Records/Salted Music 2005