What an interesting journey it has been.. After spending the entirety of my youth & some of my young adulthood dedicated to my bass, to jazz music, to bands… to knowing my future would be as such… the road just turned. Not sure how else I would describe it.


Seems like one day I was finishing up my masters degree playing my bass, & the next day I was staring at my first Salted Record on the shelves at Amoeba Music. Did electronic music steal me away from jazz?? I dunno.


 Does it matter?

I remember sitting in the audience as the Thornton school’s 20 piece big band performed my composition final. After only knowing the piece in my head, only being able to imagine what it would sound like as I would write each part, unaware of the life it would take on whilst in the hands of all the players, I found myself emotionally overwhelmed. Amazed really. I call this the ‘Golden State of Being’.


Flash forward to DEEP, at Vanguard in Hollywood. Function One sound system. 2000 people on the dance floor. Miguel Migs on the decks. I walk into the club right as he is mixing into ‘how it should be done’.


Before this moment I had grown to despise this song. I had even told him that I wanted it taken off of my pending Ep. But here I was watching 2000 people jump & shout in enjoyment as they experienced this song for the first time. The energy was undeniable. I stood there, awestruck, falling in love with the creation process all over again.


(needless to say the song made it on the next Ep)


So, did electronic music steal me away from jazz??

I’m not even sure the question is relevant anymore. Yesterday, the medium was jazz. Today it is electronic. Tomorrow, who knows? What I DO know, is that I am doing what I love to do: Composing, Performing & Connecting with people across the world through the ‘Golden State’.





LA Times EP (Golden State Recordings)


Writers Block EP (Salted Music)


Dirty 30 EP (Drop Music)




Joshua Heath ft Colette : You Need Love (Candy Talk)




White Lotus Society : Fuck Party (Guesthouse)


Bang Bang : Freaky Love (Llama Farm)


Olivier Desmet : Just Like Heaven (Amenti Records)


Lisa Shaw : Can You See Him (Salted Music)


Jay-J : Into The Light (Shifted Music)


Kinky Movement : Free Party (Mindtravel)


Phelan/Origami : Good Party Life (Prismatic)


Beatthiefs : Fly With Me (Haiti Groove)