Miguel Mig's, lisa Shaw, Chuck Love, Joshua Heath, Phonic Funk, Yogi & Husky.


In 2004, Miguel Migs started his own Salted Music imprint. No stranger to independent & major labels, the founding of Salted Music was a more personal venture.


The idea behind Salted is for Miguel to have a creative outlet for releasing forward thinking; soul based electronic music that is not limited in tempo. Not just instituted for Migs’ own creations, Salted is a vehicle for upcoming & well-known artists who come across his path and catch his ear.


“I wanted to start something new to keep things fresh, interesting, & exciting for me. I want to build my own catalog of material,” says Migs. “Also, while on the road I always get demos from artists I’m into. I want to be able to release some of this material & help get it out there, push new artists with interesting, quality material of any style: funky, tech-y, soulful, vocal, instrumental.”


The initial 18 months of Salted’s existence, it was strictly a 12” label directed towards dancefloor-oriented tracks. Once recognized in the dance community as a source for reliable grooves, the time was ripe for Salted to broaden its reach beyond the clubs.


This was done with the release of the imprint’s first compilation in September 2005, Get Salted: Volume One , collected & mixed by Migs himself. Volume One set the tone for the label with choices from Migs’ inimitable taste with a focus on spontaneity, flow, and listening pleasure, rather than the recreation of a night out.


Now that Salted has expanded beyond the nightlife to other areas of the public’s consciousness, its focus has also grown to more full-length releases. Check out the latest Salted collection: Get Salted: Volume Two, showcasing the imprint’s catalog and current cutting-edge numbers.


Released March 2007 Those Things is Miguel’s sophomore artist album, the follow up to 2002’s vari-tempoed Colorful You. The as-yet-untitled album features collaborations with Brand Nubian’s Sadat X, Sweetback’s LT, Junior Reid, Lisa Shaw, Tim Fuller, Fred Ross, & Ivana Santili. Like other artists with an appreciation for a variety of sounds based in funk & soul, such as Jamiroquai, Groove Armada, & the Brand New Heavies, Migs’ latest long-player is a fun, upbeat combination of funkiness and soulfulness with roots in electronic dance music.


Remixes are already underway from the likes of Faze Action, Grant Nelson, Crazy P, Rasmus Faber, Simon Grey, Hot Toddy, among others.

Following the success of Migs’ album Those Things & staying true to the original album’s roots, Those Things Remixed gives a fresh perspective and breathes new life & flavor into the original songs.


The album includes a wide range of re-interpretations crafted by some of the electronic music industries top players all bringing something unique & interesting to the table for djs & music connoisseurs of all kinds.


Whether you are into funk, soul, disco, or whatever your bag may be, this is quality musical expression in a true creative form that has the potential to break down the walls of categorization with its unique blend of electronic & live instrumentation.


The original album features an all star line up of special guest vocalists, including Reggae legend Junior Reid, Sadat X (Brand Nubian), LT, Lisa Shaw, Tim Fuller, and Fred Ross (the Family Stone band).


The diverse architects on duty for Those Things Remixed include remixes from the likes of Migs, Cottonbelly (aka Stuart Matthewman of Sade fame), Crazy P, Faze Action, Rasmus Faber, J-Boogie, Eric Stamile (producer of Cee-lo’s first album ), Simon Grey & Alix Alvarez as well as new comers Mario Basinov & Italian producers the Dolls Combers.


“I’m excited,” states Migs enthusiastically. “There is a lot of great music out there & now I’m in a position to get creative with it.”