The soulful lyrics "Must be the reason why I'm king of my castle" echoed across the earth's dance floors throughout the late 1990s as Gaelle Adisson's beautiful voice was heard for the first time by millions of clubgoers & disc jocks alike. But there was much more to this shining star than just one hit single.


By the time this Haitian-American New Jersey native hit 18 years of age, she had already written a few albums worth of original songs, and had many more on the way.


Gaelle began working with an array of artists and producers such as Cee-Lo, Jagged Edge, and Naked Music's own Lisa Shaw early in her budding career.


Carrying a new vision, with her production partner Eric Stamile, Gaelle has now completed her first full-length solo album for Naked Music, entitled “Transient”. The album is overflowing with insightful and honest lyrics of love & loss, self-respect, & retrospect.

The perceptive vocals are supported by deep & sultry rhythm and blues, gentle house, & a great deal more; all of this combined with an absolutely stunning variety of soft spoken ethnic tones, rhythms, & movements.

The album begins with "Falling;" an intricately deep & moving introduction to the wholly mature sound of Gaelle's voice, & the complexity of the journey at hand. The Afro/Haitian nuance found here is consistent throughout, & soothingly gives light to the artist's heritage & upbringing. Songs like "Parkway" & "Fade Away" have an extremely silky & stylish R&B feel, while "Love You More" & "Rain" are surely dance floor friendly to say the least. With twelve exceptional compositions in all, the album retains a consistency of heart felt soul & vibrancy of life. In light of Naked Music's tremendous movements of warm jazz & soulful house music over the last several years, it is only fitting that the evolution continue with Gaelle. Expect great music from both Gaelle & Naked as the journey continues.