Born in raised variously by Singaporean grandparents,a teenage mother & Irish-Scottish father,Aya had all the makings of a true Bobo-London-mutt. Music was ominpresent something was always on the radio:Chinese opera,Jimi Hendrix, Nick Drake,& Patrice Rushen ,to just name a few. There began her lifelong passion for music;she started singing at the age of four.


At the age of eighteen she left London for New York City, the music capital that attracted so many of her heroes.

In New York, she grew as an artist collaborating with & writing songs for Lenny Kravitz("Thinking of you",released as a single form his album 5),& Pharcyde ("Lab Cabin California"). Both went gold soon after,she started making tracks with Stuart Matthewman (famed Sade guitartist & songwriter) & is featured on seven tunes on his Sweetback album.


As mutual friends of Stuart Matthewman & Itael Shur (the Grammy winning songwriter), it seemed inevitable that Aya should eventually meet producer Jay Denes (AKA Blue Six), the co-founder Naked Music Recordings. Their first collaboration resulted in the underground classic "Sweeter Love".


Encouraged by it's success & sharing with Jay a desire to make "pure music",signing to Naked was a natural next step. The result,more than a year in the making,is Aya's solo debut - a record full of dreams,solitude,longing and memories.


It's unashamedly beautiful music, the "3 A.M. of some imagined endless summer".