After a Japanese tour that allowed him to personally fathom the level of popularity that he has achieved on that market, Gerardo Frisina is scheduled to release in the fall of 2005 on Schema “The Latin Kick”, an album by which, still sticking to the jazz style already enhanced on “Hi Note”, he expresses his more rhythmic side, with many club tracks.

Besides the Lo Greco Brothers & Luigi Bonafede, who had already worked with Gerardo on his previous albums, Helena De Piño contributed with vocals, Hendrixon Mena added trumpet, flugelhorn as well as piano, on two tracks; Germano Zenga saxophones & Francesco Pinetti vibraphone. For this album, Gerardo Frisina composed nine original tracks & proved his talent with the covers of Horace Silver’s “The Gods Of The Yoruba”, Freddie Hubbard’s “The 7th Day” & “Gosto De Que È Bom” of the Brazilian Ademir Carvalho & Shirley Sandala.

Alongside, Gerardo intensified his activity as a remixer, producing, among others, the remix of Dizzy Gillespie’s “Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac” for Impulse Records. He also recorded a single with two new tracks for the British label Afro Art Records.

Gerardo Frisina’s journey into music continues perpetually in search for the right balance between Jazz, Afro-Latin & contemporary beats. The fruit of this exploration takes shape into his 4th album released in September 2007: “Notebook, A Journey In Sound”.

This album features the most representative remixes he has produced (‘Guarapiranga’ being here the only one he did for Schema); but also encompasses 3 previously unreleased tracks (#6 ‘Calle De Candela’; #9 ‘Es Diferente’; #12 ‘Tokyo’s Dream-‘07 version-’) as well as B sides of 12” he released, which synthesize the essence of his journey through music.

This album is more than just a collection of remixes.

Frisina produced a considerable amount of them for various labels from being a sophisticated record collector Gerardo transformed into a meticulous music producer that already released 3 albums & a variety of singles in these early years of the new millennium. Now his name is known internationally as well as being appreciated by worldwide music connoisseurs.

After the successful EP “Donke Dè” & waiting for his new album coming out in November, the Milanese producer and DJ Gerardo Frisina is back with a new amazing 12” titled “Samba Skindim” of Brazilian music.
Two tracks consist of covers of pieces from the sixties such as “Samba Skindim”, composed by Luiz Enrique in the early sixties, and “Solo”, which bears the signature of João Meirelles.

The following track is “Ej Estou Aqui” & it differs from the previous ones, as the rhythm is faster and suitable for the dancefloor.
The main idea was to conceive an EP with four pieces.

After a long period of break in the recording phase, the second track of the original playlist was replaced by “To My Mother” which was dedicated, exactly, to the memory of his mother.