Conducted By Kevin Serra

Kevin Serra - Where did the band name The Dining Rooms originate?

Stefano Ghittoni - "The Subterranean Dining Rooms" were a side project of a band named Peter Sellers & The Hollywood Party, a psychedelic band of the Italian mid-eighties in which I sung.

The S.D.R. were more bluesy & introspective with a lo-fidelity attitude. In the 1998 when I started with this new project I decided to use again this name because I felt that the two projects had the same attitude. The Dining Rooms were born. Then I like: the idea of the dining room, a place where people speak & eat: it's one of the few place in which is possible to try to create communication.

Kevin Serra - What influences helped bring you to create your latest album "Numero Deux"?

Stefano Ghittoni - My background is mostly "white" in the sense that I was born with punk revolution & was involved in the new wave scene. Probably my favorite band of that period was Joy Division.

I tried then (& now) to fuse that influences with jazz, instrumental hip hop & funk. This is what is behind everything I do and obviously behind The Dining Rooms as well.

Kevin Serra - How is recording process achieved?

Stefano Ghittoni - I usually go in the studio with some samples & propose them to Cesare.When we choose the sample we play live instruments and other samples on it.

I am obsessed to find the perfect sample, the sample that can play alone in loop for a long time........

Kevin Serra - I really enjoyed the your use of Samples on the album. Where did you acquire them?

Stefano Ghittoni -  Everywhere. I like a lot to buy improbable records where is possible to find really interesting fragments of sound. I think that to buy records in second hand shop or in small market is similar to rehearsal for a rock band.

We usually sample a lot from Italian records (not from soundtrack but from sixties & seventies pop scene) in order to create originality in our records. Our aim is to be "electronically Italian".

Kevin Serra - What is the music scene like in Italy, or more precise Milan?

Stefano Ghittoni - The Italian music scene is fragmentary & honestly we feel to be part of a world scene more than an Italian one. Anyway our label has at the moment a really cool rooster including Soulstance, Gerardo Frisina, Nicola Conte, S-tone Inc, Fragment Orchestra & others on Schema. Schema has been able to create a label sound proud of Italian roots. We produced then a couple of records to be released after the summer through Milano 2000: Dalschaert & Noorda.

Kevin Serra - Tell us about the clubs where you DJ?

Stefano Ghittoni - I play in various clubs as freelance & have some residencies. The next will be the 8th year of my weekly session at Magazzini Generali in Milan. It's a very popular club in the town & we get from 1000 to 1500 people every Wednesday. Then I play monthly in Verona at Interzona, a wonderful place of industrial architecture. Last year I had another monthly residence called "Noir" in Milan at Tunnel, a place under the central railway station. Unfortunately this year the Tunnel, probably the best Italian underground club, will close & I'll miss it.

The Dining Rooms wrote a wonderful ballad dedicated to it that will open our third album.

Kevin Serra - What are some of your favorite artists of 2002?

Stefano Ghittoni -

Lambchop, The Cinematic Orchestra & Jazzanova.

Kevin Serra - Any favorite books or films?

Stefano Ghittoni -

I like to read noir books from all over the world & among my favorite authors there is Jean Claude Izzo, a French writer from Marseille. I didn't see too many films in the last year because I've got the second son so it's not so easy to go to the cinema. Anyway I really enjoyed Almodovars' 'Talk to Her ' & of the Coen Brothers 'The Man Who Wasn't There.'

Kevin Serra - When is the album to be released in the US? And are there plans to tour the US?

Stefano Ghittoni - "Numero Deux" was released in US in the summer of 2001 & we are in the studio now to produce "Tre" to be released in the spring of 2003.

Kevin Serra - What could one expect of a Dining Rooms live performance?

Stefano Ghittoni - Our live performance is at the moment 'Film', a soundtrack for milieu project. We, with video maker Maria Arena, propose our music in a 'live for turntables & video', blending infinite series of influences, from 60 beat to jazz to up-to-date cutting edge electronic. Music & video are mixed live to create a movie, a 'squeezed' juice of emotions in which distance between sounds & images is reduced to the minimum to set our 'emotional loops' free.