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Producer & sound designer Suonho has been winning remix contests, DJing & producing cinematic, groove-laden funk tracks since the turn of the Millennium - but his days of bubbling away under the radar are numbered. Here at, we think 2010 could be his year to blow up!

He took time out to talk to us & drop a free download for members only.

How did you start out making tracks?

Suonho_I started composing music & soundtracks since 2001. My entry into the cinematic world of music was creating some theatre pieces for “Il Teatro Del Sogno”.

Suonho_After that I made a series of pieces for theatrical producions & then scored video for independent videomaker-documetarists (Fonti for Bluefactory), installations (Sovraccarico comunicativo) under the multiple-name of Gianfranco) & readings (Oltre il muro, written by Alfonso Cimirro).

How would you describe your music? Is there a Suonho sound?

Suonho_I have a cinematic style, which is strictly focused on the clash between evocative atmospheres conceived as environments, field-recordings reworked as concrete-noises & irresistible goroovy rhythms. It's music often enjoyable out of the original cinematic, it's meant also for dancefloors & brainfloors!

Suonho has been comissioned to remix everyone from the Bahama Soul Club to Bob Marley by a string of labels including Lounge Records, d:vision Records , Bar Grooves
& Budabeats netlabel.