Conducted By Nocturnal

Nocturnal: On your last album, "Those Things", you worked with some incredible vocalists (Sadat X (Brand Nubian), Lisa Shaw, Tim Fuller, Fred Ross (Sly & the Family Stone) & reggae heavy weight Junior Reid). How do you go about collaborating with such talented people in crafting your music? Is the process organic or do you have a tried & true structure you follow?


Miguel: I just go at it very spontaneously. Timing and availability has a lot to do with it all... but I'm always open & excited to work with other artists that I respect, like all the vocalists you mention above.


Nocturnal: That same critically acclaimed album is getting a special reworked edition, "Those Things Remixed", which features 14 unique interpretations of the original tracks from a diverse group of producers. What can people expect from the disc?

Miguel: A diverse selection of remixes from a wide range of great artists. Some are more geared towards the dance floor, but over all it's a very easy listen on the ears for music fans of all kinds.


Nocturnal: Did you have a lot of input on who was selected for the remix duties?

Miguel: All of them... we had so many remixes to choose from, but in the end the final tracklist seemed to have a natural flow to it.


Nocturnal: Any one really stand out &/or surprise you?

Miguel: It was amazing having Stuart Matthewman do a remix. Of course I'm a huge fan of Sade & Maxwell so I have always respected Stuart's work. His song writing & production skills are simply genius so its an honour to have him on board.


Nocturnal: And why do you think your tracks strike a chord with house music fans?

Miguel: A lot of people appreciate quality music, good songwriting & melodies. People can relate to it on a more personal level so I'm happy that my music is able to inspire people on a deeper level than just a faded night out at the club.


Nocturnal: Further to DJing & the new album, you've also created an all star live act called PETALPUSHER (Miguel Migs, Lisa Shaw, Tim Fuller, Jude Gold (George Clinton & P Funk), Jonathan Herrera, John Mader (Booker T, The Family Stone Experience), Sundra Manning (Prince, Michele Shocked & Michael Franti & Spearhead), & Tim Kvasnosky). How did this project come about?

Miguel: I come from playing live so it feels natural to me. I love doing both so hopefully I never have to choose one or the other, but I'm excited about the live project.

Nocturnal: How has the experience been compared to DJing?

Miguel: I played in bands growing up & have always wanted to start a new live project, but I've just been so busy through the years I haven't had time although its been on my mind. So last year i made the effort and time to kick it off. We played a total of 14 shows last year & I'm really excited about pushing this project forward & possibly doing a full live album at some point soon.

Nocturnal: What does the future hold for the group?

Miguel: Well, when I'm actually back home & have the time later this spring, more rehearsing, some touring and possibly writing a new live album with the band.

Nocturnal: What's your current studio setup? Are you primarily software based or does hardware play a role in your productions?

Miguel: I have a basic set up and a nice rack of outboard gear so it's the best of both worlds.

Nocturnal: You also have an extensive knowledge of real instruments (trumpet, congas, saxophone, guitar & bass). Do you feel formal musical training or the ability to play real life instruments propel productions to another level?

Miguel: Well, I do what I can in the studio. I'm not a trained musician & although I do write my own music & play a bit of keys and guitar, it's just enough to produce & write music for the most part. A good ear is priceless but sure it helps if you can play some basic chords. Some of the best songs ever written are 3 chord progressions so it doesn't take much.

Nocturnal: What other remixes or singles can we expect from you in the near future?

Miguel: I just remixed Lisa Shaw's upcoming single on Salted Music called 'All Night High', as well as a a hand full of others I'm currently working on by various artists & labels.

Nocturnal: As the digital revolution continues to dominate, how do you see it impacting our industry going forward?

Miguel: Well, it's a mess. As we all know these are crazy times for the music industry & labels, record shops & distributors are shutting down left & right. Obviously digital sales will continue to grow world wide as the CD dies, so its a transition that will take some time, & it's not easy but we have to hang in there & keep pushing through the rough times.

Nocturnal: Any plans for WMC 2008?

Miguel: Our Salted event will take place on Wednesday the 26th at the Fifth Club. See ya there.

Nocturnal: CD/Vinyl/MP3?

Miguel: CD & vinyl.

Nocturnal: Favourite travel destination for vacation?

Miguel: Spain, Hawaii, Bali, i could go on forever here, but the general idea is somewhere tropical or warm with nice beaches.

Nocturnal: Favourite travel destination for performing?

Miguel: It's always changing year to year.

Nocturnal: Most indispensable item you travel with?

Miguel: Unfortunately probably my laptop.

Nocturnal: Do you continue to work the studio while touring?

Miguel: I have not been working on music on the road for a while. It's nice to take a break & go back in clear headed and fresh.

Nocturnal: Most emotional song for you of all time?

Miguel: That could take a while.

Nocturnal: Single greatest moment from your DJ performance career?

Miguel: Watching the sunrise on the beach while performing outdoors to great vibes, smiling faces & a bouncing dance floor.