DJ Nova

(Nova Planet radio)

Dj Nova was named after the famous French music radio, one of his all time favorites when it comes to radio stations, and the strongest influence so far. Host of Nova Planet radio show - the most famous radio show worldwide from Greece, promoting music from more than 150 labels worldwide - since December 2003, broadcasted weekly on Wednesdays in Rodon 95 FM (

Up & coming In the music world he is well known for his strong online activity in the modern jazz field and also for spinning records in special nights events of famous music clubs around Europe, often with respected artists/dj’s producers.

His first cd compilation ‘’Night & Day’’ released in Prominence Recordings from Greece and his new compilation/collaboration with Dario Raimondi & Alvaro Ugolini ‘’Tokyo Fashion district’’ will be out on November by Cool D:Vision in Italy.

His dj style is a mixture of club jazz from the past, the present and the future, but as every dj of his music era worldwide in his selection includes anything elegant and sophisticated from modern electro tango, Japanese & Brasillian music, lounge, house and so many other styles of music.