Suonho (real name Tommaso Berardocco), is a strong music addicted. Worked as resident DJ at "La Torre Artspace" & "Terrazza Sirena": pulsing hearth of club-cultures in Francavilla al mare (middle east-coast of Italy). In duo with Luciani Salvatore, under the pseudonym of Sa.To. played some fresh & explosives mixture of funk’n’roll, breakbeat, loungecore, surf, electro, exotica, nujazz, latin grooves, dnb, dub & ethno-folk rhythms from all around the world.

As sound designer experimented a lot under alias like databass & likwid, winning a few soundesign contest at Patcharena. Released free sound banks for VSTi Plugins (Virtual Studio Technology instruments) like Synth 1, Crystal, Cameleon, Ensembler, Motion, a commercial soundsets called “Likwid odyssey” for Oddity, a great reproduction of the historic Arp Odissey synthesizer (available at, & some of the factory presets of Memorymoon, a great emulation of the legendary Memory Moog synth! (an extra soundbank called “moon-mobile” is available at


After the ‘analog emulation’ era is now exploring some advanced synthesis technique, like granular & physical modeling.

In almost 10 years of sound design create a huge personal archive of patches, concrete & synthetic sound effects, ambiences, musical interludes, jingles, themes, phrases, clips, remixes… & elaborate a personal composing & processing chain to produce that vintage analog warmth feel, combined with a strong research of ‘new’, always focused to make sound sculptures feeling better and deeper.


A few examples of this research are available @ The Freesound Project, under the Creative Commons License Sampling-Plus( .

As composer started producing music & soundtracks since 2001. The entry into the cinematic world of music was creating some theatre pieces for “Il Teatro Del Sogno”.


Released original works for performances like “Alice nel paese delle meraviglie”, followed by “Il cavaliere inesistente”, “Equifusion” and the latest “Ambienta”. Then scored video for independent videomaker-documetarist (“Fonti” for Bluefactory), installations (“Sovraccarico comunicativo” under the multiple-name of Gianfranco) & readings (“Oltre il muro”, written by Alfonso Cimirro)... His recognizable cinematic style is strictly focused on the clash between evocative atmospheres conceived as environments, field-recordings reworked as concrete-noises and irresistible goroovy rhythms.


Music often enjoyable out of the original cinematic meant also for dancefloors & brainfloors ;)

Music that shake body & soul, hearth & mind.. this is the mission! The intriguing “secret formula” is due the clever sampling & the deep sound sculpture, filtered by & a sophisticated taste that mix together influences of all kind: swinging scat voices & luscious soul grooves, electro pop synth & funky moog tweaking, intricate noir & spy stories, tense science-fiction ambients an fractured orchestral themes, dub echoes & punchy rock impacts, minimalistic glitchness & happy moods inspired by Italian swing comedy, abstract breakbeats & rare-grooves reworked in a contemporary sliced way… always keeping in mind the lean- thinking philosophy.

Nowadays Suonho is working as soundman for an indie movie. As daily job is responsible of communication & marketing for La.Li.Pé (Laboratorio Libero Pensiero ( & Culture Lab ( Tom is also one of the mind behind the “Spazi Evasi” Project (


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