Damian Stanley (The Deadbeats)

(Wax On Records)

Deciding one day to take a long needed long break from the music business and engineering in recording studios he decided to go travelling and working around the world.

After many years of being away its time to return to those dark smokey rooms and turn into music all those experiences and thought gained whilst travelling. 'the best bit about writing music is the process of getting there and not the end result - its almost a shame sometimes to finish a song' having been in the studio on and off since the 90's he has engineered and produced for labels such as Strictly Rythm, UMM, Warp, Junior Boys Own, Night Beat, Om Records etc.
Also involved in the past in many musical collaborations including
Overview (with DIY DJ Simon DK).

Mombassa & DEA (Simon Lovechild),
MAD & IPG (Martyn Watson)



& a couple of solo releases on Mushroom Jazz 4 under the names Wick Wack & Spacehopper which was also the name of my old Record Label.

Heres a list of more releases...........


DeaBeats Workz