Launched in 1996, the French Label Straight Up Recordings climbd little by little levels to acquire a consequent fame face to face of a warned public.

At the origin of this project: Betino Errera (in charge of the distribution to Karamel) & Olivier Portal (Musician)


the front Straight Up.


Bétino & Olivier Portal are a part of a musical tribe impregniée by jazz, fed by soul, forged by the funk & its descents: The Brothers Of Sound. It is about a gang all the members of which are implied(involved) in diverse titles in the groove (musicians, djs, graphic designers & connoisseurs). Brothers Of Sound is on the base of the numerous meetings which ended, among others, in the creation of Straight Up & its sphere of influence.

We are in the middle of the 90s, and so everything is going to begin...

Of the birth of Straight Up in today.


1996 - Of this association between Olivier & Bétino is born the maxi first one, under the name of Playin ' 4 The City, who still looks himself between attempts towards(as for) the jungle, towards the trip hop, & already for trends(tendencies) which direct more to the house.


1998 - New meetings are going to help to weave links with artists who recognize in this project,        in particular Next Evidence (Maxime C. & Michael T.) & The Deep (Dj Deep & Julien Jabre).

Little by little, the meetings becomes a reality with Playin ' 4 The City Meets The Deep, The Funk Forces Project (who is of other one than DJ Deep's association with Olivier Portal). A new energy develops.

In May, 1998 The outcome of these various maxi is in fact the result of a history made by friendship, by respect, based on a musical creativity which is appropriate just like the label.


The event: the live performance of the evening Legends to the Rex Club. Of dj of The Deep, Playin ' 4 The City, Next Evidence, but also the instrumentalists & the singers Fred Mélosax & Karl The Voice all gather(combine) in the same evening. A fusion of the energies & the kinds(genres) (electronics, accoustique & vocal) was born. Such is the optics of Olivier & Bétino:    on one side, produce or signed by the sung or instrumental pieces in a live spirit (what was practically non-existent in France in the field of the house). On the other hand, become known to the public these productions by means of a label: Straight Up recordings.


1998-1999 - The musical color of the label is henceforth known of the public " house & Deep House". However, the purpose of the label is not only to convey the music in the form of records(disks), but also by means of the live. And so in September, 98, Mike L. (DJ) & Olivier Portal decide to organize the evenings Atmosfear in Of What Up Bar, or Playin ' 4 The City (Olivier Portal in keyboards & in rhythmic programming, Karl The Voice, Mandel Turner, Nicole Graham in the voices, Fred Mélosax, Ziggy in brass instruments & Charlie or David Donatien in the percussions) will venture on new live experiences(experiments), & it, once a month during one year.


1999 - Straight Up, who was until then reserved in of dj and fans of the vynil, decides to take(bring) out a compilation CD.

This compilation, titled “ Intimate Connection ”, represents the balance sheet(assessment) of three working years; she(it) gathers(collects) 12 titles(securities) (précedemment taken(brought) out of it maxi) any various some of the others, but the remarkable homogeneity. The purpose not being to take(bring) out maxis to the chain(channel), but to group together (to include) original projects in mind of the soul labels of the 70s. It is thus question of fusion(merger) of experiences(experiments), obligatorily but above all pleasure.


" The house is an opened music, summarizes Olivier Portal. You can inject it what you want, but what is interesting, it is to go farther to the desire to share her(it). It is especially necessary to keep(preserve) to him(her) its simplicity, even there live ".


September 1999 - The communications of the label extend, a new link is added to the chain(channel) with the opening of the store of records(disks) Of Record Shop Betino: a place which allows at once(allows at the same time) to gather(combine) the artists and the persons recognizing through the spirit of the label, then a new means of distribution(broadcasting) of a music which remains above all the engine of these multiple steps(initiatives).


Oct on 1999 - New artists: Tamashi (Mike L. & Franck Roger), seduced by Straight Up since the beginning, come to join(contact) the label with the exit(release) of a minimalist ep deep house (" Substance ep "), what confirms once again the opening of musical spirit of a label which did not stop evolving.