Is a young artist born in Marsala (Sicily-Italy),    devoted to art sculptor & painter grew up in a family where there is much of music and art, in his childhood thanks to the father (drummer) grows in a world of notes and harmonies, sounds that will influence in his artistic career.

Percussionist and composer is also equipped with a fine voice, begins its first steps in music at the age of 18, playing the drums & percussion in various groups and musical genres, subsequently she contaminates with genres such as BossaNova & Funky.

As composer his music have an elegant approach to a mix of genres correlated with each other,the musical influences found in his compositions have a taste of BossaNova, Funk, Drum 'n'Bass and Trip Hop, a research for a sonority Lounge/Chillout with a style of great taste with seventies reminiscences, all this is included in his first album titled PICK ! published by SOBRA Recordings (GKF) and available in the best online music stores.

Ivana Parnasso has also created the soundtrack for a documentary  " Visti Da Vicino " by Carlo Cislaghi.