Everybody loves Montefiori Brothers !

The fashionable European labels Tricatel & Bungalow Records ask them to make a perfect party sound, the Pizzicato Five, Karminsky Experience, Count Indigo and many other heroes of the lounge scene call them good friends since the first international festival of Italian lounge music in 1999. Their video spots are hot stuff on every music channel as MTV Europe, Orbit or TMC2. Their life is a star marathon of parties, festivals, Ibiza, London, Milano or even USA.

It is a family business of Francesco & Federico Montefiori, who still live in a small sunny city Forli and record their songs in a home Bedroom studio. The gig of Montefiori Cocktail is always fun, best mood and wild dances to the music of happyness !

From the official biography :

«...The duo is formed by a couple of twins who play different musical instruments: Francesco (Kekko) at keyboards & Federico (Kikko) at sax, flute and voice. The two brothers, sons of sax player Germano Montefiori, a talented 60’s and 70’s musician, before becoming Montefiori Cocktail, have worked separately.                          Francesco was a producer of house & breakbeat music, while Federico played sax in many bands.

Their career as Montefiori Cocktail starts in 1995 but the first release is on 1997 with “Raccolta n. 1” followed by “Raccolta n. 2” in 2000 & "Re*Shaken-remixes album" in 2002, published by Irma.

After three years and their move to Sir Richard Branson’s V2 Records, their third album, titled “Raccolta n.3”, was released in November 2003. For the 2006 they release the double CD “ A TASTE OF” like as "THE BEST OF" for IRMA RECORDS and “MONTEFIORI APPETIZER vol.1”,“MONTEFIORI APPETIZER vol.2” and “4 ORCHESTRA” for EMI MUSIC: these were coming out in 25 countries all of the world !

Their music is inspired by the sound that used to be called "Easy Listening" and that has become in its modern form, "Lounge Music". Montefiori are Italy’s major representative of the easy listening evolution, offering the 60’s sounds enriched with technological elements».