Martin Iveson moved from the North-East of England to the Midlands city of Derby in 1991 to take a position as in-house musician for the then fledgling video games company that went on to produce the massive 'Tomb Raider' series. Not content with sound tracking one of the world's biggest computer games, Martin's passion for music saw him set up his own studio and record label, from which he could give a free rein to his personal music aspirations and giove other like minded producers to ability to do the same.

Martin became
 Atjazz & Mantis Recordings' first release was his "Story" EP in 1996. The positive reactions to Story inspired his debut album That Something , which was released in 1998 and established the Atjazz name, going on to be licensed in Italy by Irma Records and Japan by Sony. Mantis Recordings moved onwards building a solid yet varied catalogue of releases, and the Atjazz albums "Labfunk" & "Labresults" followed. While tracks on his debut album hinted at a particular Atjazz sound, it was these following albums that cemented his reputation as a world class producer with a distinctive yet diverse method to his sound, and making him an in demand producer, remixer & DJ.

For Mantis he played a big role in the sound of his fellow artists and concentrated heavily on Brooks's debut album "You, Me & Us", Ross "Magic Number" Hillards  "That Day" & works very closely with Mantis' jerkbeat master Clyde. His vast studio knowledge isn't limited to just dirty disco, techno soul and hip hop beats either; he's turned his handmany times to twiddling the knobs for from acoustic soloists to post hardcore indie rockers.

His brand new album "Full Circle" sees
Atjazz working with a plethora of superb singers, songwrtiters & musicians taking his productions to another level. Peter Wraight, who played a big part of the sound of "Labfunk" brings his skill and knowledge once again, while singers Ernesto, Clara Hill, Sarah-Jane Morris, Robert Owens, Amalia, and Dawne B all deliver stunning performances, plus there's some mighty word wielding from Cee Rock The Fury and Hernandez.

Charles Webster is also joining forces with
Atjazz, on a project under the name "Version". They already have several remixes in the bag and a EP's coming soon for Miso, Mantis and Jazzanova's prolific Sonar Kollektiv label.

Atjazz has also produced songs for Clara Hill's second album album 'All I Can Provide', released the massive track 'For Real' on their then sub label Innervisions run by Dixon & Ame and produced 2 exclusive releases for Germany's 'Plastic City' and I-soul8's new imprint "Slam Jam".

A busy man indeed you may say, well, there's plenty more coming from his studio in the shape of a collaborations album which will see
Atjazz hooking up with some big guns of house music. and a full album of Jerky Soul & Hip Hop produced along side Clyde & Si Tew, Watch this space...