Soulpersona's debut LP "Soulacoaster" is a reassuringly heroic reflection of the multi-faceted soul behind the persona.

Born in Cardiff, Wales, Soulpersona began his relationship with music in a farmhouse attic with a record player, listening to everything in his parents record collection, playing along with an improvised drumkit made of cardboard boxes and ice cream tubs. As years progressed, soulpersona became infatuated by 70's Soul, Raregroove, Funk and Jazz recordings,

his own brand of musical expression was soon to follow, culminating in the outstanding debut that is "Soulacoaster".

Soulpersona has dedicated his life to soul music, a decision that paid off in 2001, when he caught the attention of Jocelyn Brown, who at the time was auditioning producers. Playing his trademark Raregroove sound in a room full of House Music producers, Soulpersona went on to work for Jocelyn as her Creative A&R and as personal assistant to Oliver Cheatham.

Six years on, Soulpersonas work has been both complimented and complemented by his peers, which include Jocelyn Brown, RAMP, Harvey Fuqua (of Motown), Patti Austin, Leon Ware, Oliver Cheatham and Bluey (Incognito) to name a handful .

This recognition is well deserved, for there is a control demonstrated in Soulpersona's music, particularly in the production that implies a far deeper understanding of music than he lets on. The music has a directness that is both disarming and uplifting at the same time, presenting a stark reality that laces the flawless grooves with an edge that can  only be described as raregroove soul.

At present Soulpersona is working on producing RAMPs new LP as well as recording with Jocelyn Brown, Darien (Reel People) Punk Pappa, Nude Continuum, Princess Freesia and many, many more...

He hopes to take his live raregroove show on the road this summer and is currently taking deejay, performance & bookings.