At Work With Mr. Gazzara is not only a compilation conceived with several collaborations selected by the keyboardist & composer Francesco Gazzara, leader of the international band Gazzara (5 albums assets, synchronized tracks in TV series like "Sex & The City" & included in very famous collections as "Hotel Costes 3" too) & creator of many other projects related to soul jazz (Hammond Express, Jazz Glitch Society, Iwo Jima) & contemporary progressive (The Piano Room).


The 18 tracks of this collection of rare grooves are selected by Gazzara & published by Jean Records label.


The compilation track list doesn't uinclude the usual songs of the past and especially anything already included in other collections.


This is, absolutely, an original project including only new recordings which were never published before, selected at 360 ° by Gazzara not only from the catalog of his collaborators, but also from the repertoire of famous-established bands & of emerging producers &, in some cases, of perfectly unknown musicians.


After a long search lasted over six months, the breeding work has been equally scrupulous: the tracklist has been designed as if this was just a new compilation album by Gazzara, complete with a variety of genres (bossa, nu jazz, soul, disco, house, chill out), female vocals & remixes interspersed with some acoustic tracks.


Listening at the compilation you have the impression to go back to the cool “Irma style"sound with the opening of The Boogeyman (aka Caesar "Black Mighty Wax" Cera with Ohm Guru or the producer Ricky Rinaldi) & the presence of two new songs by Italian Secret Service, one of the most appreciated Italian project of nu jazz and lounge music,abroad.


The demonstration that the spirit of acid jazz is still alive - in the face of someone who has always denied the existence of this kind - comes thanks to the enveloping of Alessia Piermarini, one of the few Italian singers who was very appreciated abroad for the style of her lyrics in English & for her English pronunciation of her sung interpretations &, later, it is confirmed in the sound of the instrumental jazz

funk by the romans Kassis, with the Headhunters of Herbie Hancock in the genome.


The central part of the collection contains the most direct collaborations of Francesco Gazzara : with the house DJ & producer Thomas De Lorenzo (currently with the U.S. label Defected Records), who has remixed the tracks of Iwo Jima & Jazz Glitch Society project together with the “guru” of the electronic Rodion (of

him is the other remix of Iwo Jima), with the flutist Dario Cecchini of Funk Off (project resulted in nu bossa Nice People) & again, as co-author, with the florentine musician Marco Lamioni (producer of the last two albums of Gazzara) & with the bassist Luca Fogagnolo of Chat Noir in the project “Jazz Glitch Society”.


About the main project of Francesco Gazzara, in this compilation are also included two new songs of Gazzara, an instrumental electro funk & soul-disco track (remixed of Thomas De Lorenzo) sung by Lily Latuheru, another extraordinary voice in this compilation with her track, "Sweeter Than Wine."


The broken jazz of Roberto Tollis, the berliner techno ambient of Tanzfaster, the atmospheres “ Café del Mar” of Makkeroni & the disc Latin jazz closing of the disc, headed by Cuban flautist Eduardo Piloto Barreto, complete the work.